Customers’ Reviews of our motel:

  • Beverly, London, ON
    The motel was very well made up, bright and clean. Our room had stained glass up in the ceiling and the light that came in the morning was beautiful. We loved the beach and the little restaurant next door that was in an old School house. Lovely stay. Thank you!
  • The Burkes, Australia
    Providence Bay beach was breathtaking! My kids loved it, rolling with the waves and how it was shallow enough to play ball in. I would recommend this motel and this city to all my mates. The motel itself was clean and cozy. All that mattered!
  • Grace, Washington D.C.
    oh that stained glass, the room had stained glass up above that the sun shines in. I could lie there all day. The rooms are very clean and in the three days we stayed, every time we returned, it was like walking back into a new room. Very well maintained.
  • Richard, B.C.
    The gift shop was great! I am still kicking myself for not picknig up one of the wolves coffee tables. I will inquire with the owner if he can ship one to me. Loved our stay here, Great people. Thank you!!